Strategic ADvisory

with Real-World Experience 

I break through the hype and overused buzz words to analyze your situation, offer practical strategies and drive defensible, profitable growth. 

What I Do

I find digital opportunities. 

The Internet of Things (IoT) is impacting all industries - health tech, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, retail, supply chain.

At the same time, digital business models or “anything-as-a-service” (XaaS) are accelerating, driven by the "sharing economy" and the success of software-as-a-service business models.  

I bring unique perspectives.

But what is IoT, and how do companies make money from it?  

What really is XaaS, and how do companies adopt their business models to enjoy the benefits of XaaS?

How do the two intersect, to build recurring revenue flows, deep customer learning and delight, and enable further penetration?

I am the Secret Weapon you didn't know you needed.

I know what works, what doesn’t, what decisions to make, what problems to expect. 

With over 25 years of executive strategy expertise in the “full stack” of technology businesses – networks, devices, services, software – I’ve created and executed credible, defensible strategies in leading companies around the world. 


I am your stealth advisor for technology strategy and transformation.

How I work With Clients


Honest  appraisal

By understanding your business, your concerns, and your capabilities, I will work with you to realistically scope the assignment - without buzzwords and hype

Tailor-Made Solutions

After considering global best practices + leading-edge disruptions, I will help you create realistic, achievable goals for your organizaiton. 

I help yOU make the tough Calls

I will help you decide where to start, what is worth doing and what isn't, and how can you manage the inevitable resistance you will face. 

Implementation + Support

I won't do the work for you, but I will be here in a support capacity + help you decide what you need and what you don't to get the job done. 

Bob Van Orden

Technology Business Development Executive

When he was with Cisco, Todd had a great grasp of the financials, operations, and strategy of the Consumer Products Group, and applied his education and skills in detail -- not a simple thing to do.  At Adobe, Todd again brought great knowledge and perspective about the company and the space, helped me figure out the pros and cons, and provided key introductions for my startup, seeking partnership opportunities.

John Pollard

CFO at MCG Health

Todd does some of the best, and most thoughtful analytical work you'll ever see, but more than that, he communicates results clearly and simply. Projects that Todd manages are well organized, and hit their deadlines. Todd has a strong work ethic, integrity, and a sense of humor that makes people want to work with him again.

Rod Keller

CEO at AYRO Automotive Technologies

I worked closely with Todd on a Globalization Project at Linksys. Todd was instrumental in developing the methodology for evaluating global markets, as well as orchestrating the cross functional support needed to deliver on such an important initiative.

Todd Bryan

Strategic ADVISOR

Consulting + Real World Experience

Todd Bryan is a leading global senior advisor and strategy executive with a passion for identifying and realizing actionable growth and go-to-market opportunities.


With over 25+ years experience as a strategy consultant and executive, Todd has helped companies globalize, build new revenue models, drive differentiation in commoditized businesses, and digitally transform.


Todd has strategy and execution experience in a range of industries including Software, XaaS, Digital Media, Networking Hardware, Consumer Electronics and Durables, Industrial Goods, and Telecommunications.


Working seamlessly with both executive and operational teams, Todd has helped companies ranging from Fortune 100 global leaders to start-ups with identifying opportunities, assessing options to fill strategy and capability gaps, and guiding the execution of strategies throughout the organization. 


Previously, Todd has held global leadership positions on corporate strategy teams at Philips Lighting, Adobe Systems, and Cisco Systems.  Todd has also worked as a Project Leader with Boston Consulting Group in San Francisco and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, as an Equity Research Analyst at Morgan Stanley in Singapore, and as a telecommunications strategy consultant in Beijing, China.  


Todd holds a Level 1 certification in executive coaching through the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership.  Todd speaks, reads and writes intermediate Mandarin Chinese (HSK Level 3).


Todd earned a BS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an MS from the University of California at Berkeley, where he was a National Science Foundation scholar, and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.


Stanley Ling

Capital Markets Consultant

Todd tore companies' business models to shreds and rebuilt them as fantastically detailed financial models. He valued the businesses using rigorously objective methodologies and then stood by his conviction calls no matter how unpopular they were.

Rajesh Ahuja

Financial Services Business Leader

One of the best I have ever worked with. A very solid strategic mind and a very practical individual, it was a pleasure to work with Todd on a few projects.

Tom Duterme

Founder at Happy Hummingbird

Todd brings an impressive background of experience to any job: a Kellog MBA, two stints in the Boston Consulting Group, Morgan Stanley equity research experience, and finally private consulting in China. Todd also always brings another strong asset to the table: a sense of humor.


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